Kickr Bluetooth LED when connected to a Mac

Quick query for other Mac and Kickr users, when in Zwift does your Bluetooth led on the kickr stay solid or does it go solid the flash 3 times and then solid again, repeat? According to the Wahoo documents it should be solid when it is connected to a device via Bluetooth, which mine does when using the iPhone and wahoo app, but not when running zwift on my Mac… I was having issue with drop outs, which I think I have fixed but was concerned about the led not staying solid as a fast flash is meant to indicate it is connecting to a device?


It should be staying solid unless your Kickr is disconnecting and reconnecting. Are you noticing any of the symptoms of bluetooth dropout anymore? Unexplained drops in power output while riding? Inaccuracies in grade changes and general unresponsiveness?

The easiest way for us to check this would be to research your log files. Your logs would tell us right away if you’re still dealing with dropout or communication issues. I’ve created an email support ticket for you, so please check your inbox for us.

If anybody else should run into an issue like this, please email us at and attach all copies of your log files for us.

For others who may have a similar issue, I have resolved the problem and it appears it was due to interference with the bluetooth signal causing constant drop outs. I have since purchased the ANT dongle and USB extension cable which has gotten things back into an acceptable range.

A very big thank you to David K from Zwift who provided fantastic customer service and helped review many of my riding logs until we got it sorted!