Kickr Bike V2 - Direct Connect?

I’ve got a KickR Bike V2 and I noticed that it’s connecting to my WiFi using two IP addresses simultaneously.
Why is this?

I can see both the KickR Bike connected to my router and a second device called WIZnet which has the same IP address as the KickR Bike when I looked up the sensor in the Wahoo app.
In total, two IP’s are used…

Both are connected via 2.4GHz WiFi (according to the router), and it doesn’t change even if I use my Direct Connect adaptor and Ethernet cable.

Last and maybe least, the KB WiFi disappear from the wahoo app from time to time, that is: it’s connected but not seen with the NETWORK headline in the app.

It’s all very confusing. Is it Ethernet or not, why does it connect using two IP’s… ?

I would guess there is a stale DHCP IP allocation still listed for your Kickr as well as a new one the Kickr got after a reconnect? That WIZnet part might also be attempting to use more than one MAC address which would also cause multiple IPs to be allocated, but that would be kind of odd.

Edit: if it’s a stale DHCP allocation it might go away after a day or two, but some routers try to hold them forever or until they need the IP again for a new device.

Interesting theory, I can’t confirm or deny, but it sounds reasonable.

It doesn’t explain why the KB is seen as connected through 2.4GHz despite using Ethernet…

Any thoughts?

No idea, but if it’s the same router handing out the IPs might have a bug in the dashboard app? If it shows the expiration time for the IP leases you could wait till they expire and see if one of them goes away.

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Rebooting the router might clear the DHCP reservations and let you see if two new leases appear.

Good point, will try.
I pulled the Ethernet cable out of the KB and it disconnected from Zwift, but still shows as a wifi connection on the router software.

Will try rebooting to see if table is cleared

So, I went down the rabbit hole (thanks a lot!) and there is a version of the Wiznet (WizFi630S) that has both WiFi and ethernet so it would make sense that both connections are getting their own IP. I’m gonna need you to take your trainer apart and get a picture of the PCB now so we can get the part number…

Edit: also, if I had actually noticed you were talking about the Kickr BIKE V2 instead of the just the Kickr V2 this would have made more sense. Because, you know, it has both ethernet and WiFi. So yeah, 2 IPs will be normal. Sigh…

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Sorry about the rabbit hole !

It’s strange that the router device overview doesn’t show either of them as a wired connection.
Will investigate what happens if I manage to clear the DHCP table.

Clearing DHCP lease seems to have worked.
I can now see both the bike being connected through 2.4GHz and wired (using the DirCon adapter + ethernet cable direct to router). The IP associated with the wired connection corresponds with the Wiznet - according to the Wahoo App.