Kickr bike stuck at 119w ERG after leaving workout to race

Just got a Kickr bike and had a weird bug last night. I did a workout for a race warm up in erg mode connected by BT to a Win 10 PC. While I was in the cool down at 119w I left the workout and joined the pen for the WTRL TTT. When it was time to go the team sprinted out the pen but I found I was unable to get past 119w. Unpaired and repaired and still the same, unpaired and repaired with ANT+ and ERG let go by which time the team were nearly a minute ahead. That was the end of my race, bit disappointing - Just don’t want it to happen again

I’ve seen this on my StagesBike SB20 when leaving a group workout and going to a free ride. I had to quit the app to resolve it.