Kickr Bike + Pace Partner = no bike tilt on hills

This is a weird one that I found on my ride this morning. I’m relatively new to Zwift and this was my first time riding with a pace partner (D).

I did 2 laps of the Makuri Island Flatland Loop, the first with the pace partner and the second on my own. When I was within the pace partner draft the bike never tilted up or down regardless of the gradient of the map. As soon as I dropped out of the draft, however, it started tilting with no issues.

Is this a feature or a bug? :wink:

Config details:

  • Wahoo Kickr Bike with the latest firmware

  • Gradient simulation/climb was enabled on the bike the whole time with the blue light next to the unlocked symbol on the Kickr bike display.

  • Zwift version 1.0.100610

  • Trainer difficulty on Zwift set to 100%

  • Connected via Bluetooth to a 2021 MBP with an M1 Max chip

  • So far (~3 weeks on Zwift) I’ve had no connection issues or dropouts as the bike is only about a foot from the laptop.

Hi Alex, welcome to the forums. This does sound rather peculiar because riding with a Pace Partner doesn’t change how Zwift sends the gradient data to equipment. The actual tilting of the bike is handled internally based on the gradient that Zwift sends so if the resistance was changing correctly I would expect the tilt to change with it. If you reach out to support here, we can take a closer look.