Kickr bike faulty crank arm

I have had my kickr bike (second one as first was faulty) for 2 months however riding today my the pedal with my shoe attached came off whilst in mid ride after getting off I noticed the crank arm had split so the pedal came off. I have never seen anything like it before

Mark - there’s a similar issue and photos in post 97 - ‘Kickr Bike - it broke’ thread here

Hello Mark, I just had the same thing happen to me. The crank cracked where the pedal threads should go, essentially connecting all the holes. How were you able to fix it?

Has anyone found a fix for this problem yet? My right crank arm snapped off this morning.
I can’t find any link on the Wahoo site for replacement crank arms.
I have put in a customer request to Wahoo but don’t know when or if I will hear.

The fix is a new crank. Others have stated the wahoo used cheap materials for the crank arms. I’m not metallurgist, but it makes sense given the number of reports there have been

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