How do i take off my crank arms on the Wahoo Kicker Bike

Im able to easily remove the left crank arm but i can not remove the right crank arm because the cover plate on the right side is in the way. Anyone have the steps to remove the cover i cant seem to find all the screws…

It got me thinking this would need to be done to replace the drive belt as well.

I got started down this rabbit hole because of a crank arm cluncky-crunchy sound when pedaling at times.


Hey Kevin. You’re probably going to get more traction posting to Wahoo’s official support forum. Only a small subset of people on the Zwift forum own a Kickr Bike.

Sounds like you need to adjust torque on your bottom bracket bearing. You do this on the left crank arm. Search this forum for my posts. I provided pretty detailed instruction on this common issue. It’s a maintenance item.

Try this link to another discussion on this forum: Kickr Bike Experience - it broke - #234 by Randy_Jensen

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Thanks! Need to do this myself.

To remove the right side (DS) Crankset you…have to remove the NDS crank arm then all the covers from both sides of the bike.

I just replaced the Bottom Bracket in my Kickr bike, it was a LONG job.
It was a pain, and I don’t recommend doing it.
But, I did post my notes on Bike Forums


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I’ve got a Tacx Smart and that seems to be ‘heavily discouraged’. :man_shrugging: