Kickr Bike Diving at Intersections

This seemed to start within the last 90 days, whenever I come to an intersection and my Kickr bike will dive forward. This occurs around the time the “Zwifters Nearby” is updating.
Is anyone else experiencing the same?

Seems to be the same as


I don’t have a Kickr Bike or Climb, but I did feel the loss of resistance in some Watopia intersections. It seems to be fixed in today’s update though.

It isn´t fixed for my set up. The bug still exists :frowning:

Confirming the bug still exists on the most recent version.

Strange, I thought it was fixed. Maybe they fixed only the resistance but not the incline for your devices. You can try to disable game_1_28_ftms_road_grade_lookahead_time_exposed and see if it works for your case.

Perhaps related: I was riding (Watopia?) the other day and got to a junction where resistance immediately went to zero followed by returning to normal. It was a sharp enough change to make me lurch forward.

I’m on a Tacx NEO2T so I don’t have a “climb” device but the symptom I experienced might have had the same cause - like the incline momentarily went to “infinitely negative” for a split second. The NEO will actually do a “powered downhill descent” (freewheels itself) so that might explain why it’s noticeable on a NEO and not some trainers.