Kickr and Quarq Discrepancies

I’ll keep it brief/easy
I’ve had a Kickr V5 and a Quarq DFour that I use for all my indoor training rides working perfectly the last year and a half. (typically within 1-2% of each other, on major power spikes like sprints maybe 5% difference only).

For some reason recently the Kickr has started to read wildly lower (or perhaps the quarq wildly higher). sometimes 35-40% off !

I reached out to both Wahoo and Quarq, have followed all of their troubleshooting steps. Full factory reset, calibration etc. Wahoo has even replaced my Kickr (the new one is showing the same issue). And have a new Quarq I’m installing today!

Assuming I continue to have this issue any other thoughts/insight or help?!
Appreciate greatly any advice


My experience is also the same as yours. I have a watt meter on my Specialized S-works Epic and that one seems to be very close to my friends watt meter…we are a bunch of riders that ride together and all of us is about the same weight. We get about the same wattage. But my Kickr V5 show much lower watts. Some days when I ride only at 150-180w for recovery… it feels like 240-250w on my MTB.

Something seems a bit to hard…