Kickr 2017 - belt compatibility question, GT vs HTD

Hello! My trusty Kickr 2017 is going strong, but it’s time to replace the belt soon.

I know that the exact replacement is a Gates PowerGrip GT 5M 170T 15, p/n 92930546. But that “GT” is tricky to find, other than at Wahoo’s site.

So my question is does anyone know first-hand whether the “HTD” belt can be substituted for the “GT” belt without problems on the Kickr? The profiles are similar, but not identical…I’m looking for replies from people who’ve actually tried the HTD, not theories about what could or should work.

Thank you, in advance!

I recently rebuilt my Kickr and had the same issue sourcing so grabbed the HTD. I actually got a few of them as I think it will wear a bit quicker but only have ~1000km’s on it. It’s quite a bit noisier than GT due to teeth profile difference. My Gates belt is fine, only replaced due to doing all the bearings and thought “why not” while the kkickr was in bits, but it has 40,000km’s on it and I don’t expect the HTD to get close hence get some spares!

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Thank you!!!

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