KickR core belt specification

Hi All - was wondering if any Core owners have changed their belt and have the specification for the replacement part?

Wahoo are selling them at a stupidly high price and I can probably get the equivalent part through work.

My Core was new this year so a mk2??


I believe the Kickr Core and Kickr18 use the same part - you’ll have to google it for part# but should be able to find it based on that. Do you have part numbers showing on your existing belt that you can throw into a google search?

The only markings on the belt are as follows:



I’ll have a more in-depth search at work tomorrow.

Have you by any chance contacted Wahoo customer service? If it was new this year, it should still be under warranty. If the belt is already needing replacement, there is a good chance Wahoo will send you one free of charge, or even replace the whole trainer.

The belt hasn’t broken but it’s inevitable it will at some stage so I’m just after a spare so when it does happen I can just swap it out immediately.

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For what it’s worth, we needed a replacement for the belt on an original KICKR after four years. Here’s where I found the exact replacement: It’s $14.54 now.

I don’t know the spec for the KICKR Core belt.