Kick out of online servers cheating/bad behavior riders

(Raúl Franco // MexicanPedla🐲) #1

I think there should be some kind of voting system for kicking out riders who are cheating or being rude to another cyclists. Just like in online videogames if certain amount of players vote to kick that player out, he will be kicked out of the game. I think this is good to promote respect between Zwifters.

(Mark Pearce [82 Kg]) #2

Ae you actually seeing this kind of behaviour? I haven’t seen any abusive behaviour at all on any of my rides, all I have seen is comments directed at riders that appear to be abusing zpower, but its never been rude. Having said that though this is a game and I agree that is should be administered the same way a multiplayer game should be with regards to abuse and cheating.

(Raúl Franco // MexicanPedla🐲) #3

Not really, just the ones abusing zpower or weight/size measurements. I just added that because it’s the main reasons why someone gets kicked out of online videogames. Or having different KOM’s for zpower and powermeter cyclists.

(Alan Cohen WBR (B) - CISCying) #4

Different KOMs for smart trainers and zpower is needed.  Even segment smart trainers by type.  KOM for Wahoo Kickr, Computrainer, etc.

(john poole) #5

Does being rude include chirping? That’s the only reason I would ever use the message feature.


(Christine Himsl) #6

People are cheating?  So absurd.