Post Ride Score Board

So I rode last night I took 2nd or 3rd in the KOM and 7th in the sprint and something overall. It would be cool that if after I saved and exited the ride I could see the score boards I rode on. 

A ranking system could even be established by averaging a persons results on the segments to give them an overall rank and put them in a tier classification. 

This would just create more incentive for people to cheat.

I’m not sure that it is a fact, or a reason to prevent this from happening. Maybe the rankings aren’t accurate, but eventually as the game is played we’ll find out who’s fraudulent. 

It will also create an elitist structure within Zwift that will not help get new people involved. I am sure a lot of people would fall near the bottom of this proposed ranking which may cause them to stop using Zwift because of “features” like this. Zwift is meant to be a social cycling game and this just seems like elitist cycling.

If you want to see how good you are just join one of the handicapped races or other races that are on Zwift. Strava also has ranking for segments within Zwift you can use those to judge yourself against others.

Doesn’t seem factual. 

I think if you’re riding socially there’s no reason for you ego to be damaged by a low ranking causing you to quit doing what you enjoy.

And then, it’s not about me seeing how good I am, I’m trying to play a video game.

There are Strava segments for that.

There would be people who feel they did great only to look at the ranking and see they are way down the list and feel hurt. This could cause people to stop playing Zwift entirely because of the elitist rankings.

You do understand that there are people of a variety athletic backgrounds on Zwift, including but not limited to Kids, handicapped, elderly and others. Or are you trying to segregate the elitist cyclist from everyone else, making Zwift only for the best and discouraging others from participating in the Zwift experience.

Why don’t you join races and see how good you really are, there is no need for ranks that will only be slanted to the zPower users and the weight cheaters.

First you need to admit you’re dealing with your own demons. 

Second, they already have the score boards, there’s just no way to see it after you ride. 

Third, rankings can be simple, you could be Ranked S for social and I could be Ranked E for elite and we could all play without anyone having to quit due to their athletic background.

I’m not trying to segregate anyone, but I think I can be ranked without affecting anyone. I think someone (you) can just turn off rankings and then you don’t have to cry. 

They did that in world of warcraft, they had servers that were pve only and if you wanted to pvp you turned it on, this could be like that so you don’t cry.

they already have timed segments and you haven’t quit along with all the kids, handicapped and elderly? 

This is not WoW, it is a social cycling game that is meant to include everyone. 

The timed segments are a joke, most of the time the top spots are taken by zPower.

Again if you want to see rankings go to Strava.

If you want to compete and see how good you are find a race.

Seems you are trying to push the recreational cyclist out of Zwift.

I would have never guessed you were 30 the way you are talking, I would have guessed 16. 


I don’t value your opinion because of the extremists positions you take.

You have offered little substance.

I’m not sure why you have to be so unpleasant to each other, not necessary is it?

For what it’s worth, I don’t see much value in seeing the positions at the end of the ride or a ranking system, but I would like to have my personal records persisted somewhere, not just 30 day PRs. It’s not a big deal though, and I’m sure Zwift have bigger fish to fry…