ZwiftPower Women's Rankings becoming pointless due to cheating

I’m posting here as I’m frustrated at reporting riders by the ‘correct means’ and nothing is being done about it.

Personally I’m not too bothered by my placing on the overall rankings and see the points score from a race as a way to measure my performance when racing in mixed fields where I don’t know a lot of the riders, but for some of the women on Zwift I know that placing well on the rankings is a real target for them and the lack of action against those cheating is just rendering the rankings pointless. Zwift did remove one rider I reported because their profile clearly said ‘my gender is set wrong’ but seem to just be ignoring my other reports.

The problem is we are CONSTANTLY being knocked down the ranking by people cheating. I don’t know why this is so prevalent on the women’s side of the rankings compared to the men’s.

We are currently seeing on repeat:

  • Men with their gender set as female going into the top 10 (pretty certain the top ranked athlete is male from their Strava profile and photos - reported to Zwift a few weeks back)
  • Riders with DQ marks against their results go into the top 10 so basically keeping the scores from racing despite being taken out the points (the one in 4th has a height DQ against every race - again reported a few weeks back)
  • Riders with completely world class power numbers and only pseudonyms / no strava links / no dual recordings (and normally rather odd looking height / weight stats or age set to over 50 or under 20) go into the top 10 (I haven’t bothered reporting the newest one as my reports seem to be ignored, though an individual race organisers did thankfully DQ them the other day as the profile looks completely ingenuine for a woman over 50 with no racing history on a google search and no duals / Strava link)

It really would be appreciated if the women working hard to perform well and who want to use the rankings positions as a target were better supported on the platform.


Irrespective of any other matters, the top-ranked athlete is a serial weight- and height-doper and really ought to be ZVRGed…


I don’t see any rankings for Zpoints women. None. It stays sorted on men. What am I doing incorrectly? Is anyone else having this problem?

I’m stunned by this.

Stunned that someone of Alice Lethbridge’s quality can point out such blatant cheating and provide evidence (you don’t even have to do anything, she has done the hard work for you!) and yet no reply from those on high over 6 months later!?

I keep forgetting that Zwift is, and always will be, just a game.

We also see men masquerading as women in free rides competing for jerseys.

Probably overweight 40 or 50 something desperates.

And it is happening IRL. It is disgusting really.