Kask protone mission helmet

i’ve completed the Kask protone icon mission & unlocked the icon helmet, however, when i visit my garage only the protone i unlocked with the “ride with reggie” is there, is this the same helmet?

Hi @Alan_Crew
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I see that you completed the Kask Protone mission on June 26.

Let me double check with the team here to make sure that the right helmet loaded. In your server logs, I’m seeing that you’re still using game version 1.26.1, but that version should have the necessary files for the Kask Protone artwork to appear.

i updated the game client yesterday & checked the garage & the helmet is not there?

the original protone from the “ride with reggie miller” is there but not the recent unlock :man_shrugging: