"Join now" button not working on Android

I tried adding an account for my wife. We are sharing the same bike and tablet. I added an account in Zwift and after the trial expired, it invited me to “Join Now”. Despite clicking the button several times (after restarting the app), nothing happened. Not an email, not an invitation to pay, nothing. Result: I bought her a Rouvy subscription. You should really do better QA. A shame really.

I hope she enjoys Rouvy but if for any reason she changes her mind and wants to subscribe to Zwift, I suggest doing it on the zwift.com website.

(Not a comment on the broken button.)

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We visited the website and I couldn’t easily find a way to link her expired trial account with a new subscription. Rouvy was a click-next click-next done affair. My wife is a total newcomer to indoor cycling, so Zwift or Rouvy or <insert_app> is all the same. I have been Zwifting for a while and would have preferred to stick to Zwift but when the “Join Now” button doesn’t work after several attempts, I tend to give up.

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just sign in on zwift.com with the same email as she was using for the trial and pay for the subscription - it is pretty intuitive


Use whatever service you want, of course. But one button not working seems like a pretty low hurdle.


But you’re all missing the point of my post. I don’t care if registering through the website is easy or incredibly convoluted. The in-app button that invites users to subscribe after the expiration of the trial period does absolutely nothing. It doesn’t redirect to the website. It doesn’t give any clue. If anybody working for Zwift thinks that’s fine and normal, Zwift’s future won’t be biscuit wheels on the gravy train.

It seemed to me like the point of your post was that the button not working made you unhappy/frustrated enough to leave Zwift.

I’m not at all arguing that it’s great that the button doesn’t work. Obviously it’s not. I am just offering my opinion that one button not working seems like a problem that’s not so difficult to solve. I get frustrated by things all the time–the more inanimate the thing, the more it can frustrate me :slight_smile: So I’m not trying to be a jerk either.

Would be interesting to know what device you use for Zwift (PC, iPad, Apple TV, etc…) and would also help with tracking down any bugs.

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Android tablet, latest software.

I completely understand your point. It sounds like a bug. You’re on a forum where you can primarily expect support from the community, which means you’ll mostly get responses from people who can’t fix bugs, just offer workarounds. You do have the option to contact Zwift support, if you have any interest in doing that.

I was just hoping someone from the Zwift development team browsed these forums on a regular basis. It’s water under the bridge. I still have my Zwift account, and my wife has Rouvy now. We get the best of both worlds!

Hi @Chris_Paggen

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thanks for reporting this bug - it is a known issue that impacts Android devices.

If your spouse decides she’d like to come back to Zwift - there are other ways to start a subscription, most notably on our website zwift.com/billing/membership.

If she’s still on the Rouvy trial, you might want to look at FulGaz. One paid membership allows a second household member at no additional cost. (Or at least they used to.)