Jittery graphics [Workout Pain Effect]

Hi I’ve been running Zwift on a two year old ipad7 and it’s been fine until recently… Now the graphics are jittery asked are not smooth. Good WiFi … Changed all the settings id motion background apps etc even wiped iPad and started again with only basic apps installed… Same problem…it runs fine on my Samsung a42 phone!.. I’ve given up now and use my wife’s modern hp laptop which is great and it uses the new zwift Ui… Which is brilliant imo…I’m just annoyed a newish iPad can’t run zwift very well anymore!

Are you running both the latest iOS and Zwift versions?

When did the jittery graphics start exactly?

Everything is bang up to date I noticed it about a week ago it’s impossible to use now …it’s fine on laptop and phone but unusuable on iPad now …it enough of a jitter to be distracting … Annoyed because I bought the iPad specifically for zwift

Hi @robert_barber
What’s the chances that Workout Pain Effect setting is turned on?

That intentionally makes the graphics a little glitchy as though you’re going so hard you’re cross-eyed.

Hopefully @shooj will be along soon and he’ll be able to see what versions you’re running to help diagnose.

Unbelievable Shiji! Many thanks this seems to have solved it! I’ve been on zwift a couple of years and never knew it existed! Thanks for the tip much appreciated

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Thanks for looping back to confirm this fixed it for you!

Thanks switched off pain effect has sorted it …I thought there was something upmas all my set up was bang on…I think zwift need to advertise what this does more and it’s potential pitfalls

Hi someone on the forum suggested switching pain effect off which has solved the problem …I think zwift needs to advertise more this function and its effects …I didn’t know it existed .



Arghhh unfortunately it’s doing it again what can it be ?


Shuji at Zwift HQ again. I noticed in your server logs that you had logged in on several computers, no doubt during your troubleshooting.

When you have multiple devices logged into Zwift concurrently, it causes all sorts or weird issues. Please make sure you exit Zwift on all those devices, and power them all off just to be thorough.

Wait 2 minutes to let the server clear sessions, then power on / log in on your iPad. Maybe verify the setting for Workout Pain Effect for good measure. Did that solve it?

Ok I’ll try that.thankyou …inhave been using a laptop which is providing a great experience
Ill probably leave the iPad … I’m sure it could be a problem for others though aswell