Weird Graphic glitch on homescreen when editing custom workouts

I had this earlier today and was able to replicate it.
TO get to this point I loaded the game, everything was normal, i edited a customer workout, everything was still normal, then saved it and hit back and that is when this started.
Everything was fine during the ride but the glitch returned when the menu loaded again at the end of the ride.

I logged out, loaded it again and everything was fine.
I repeated the steps above and it happened again.

I am running zwift on a windows 10 PC, i5 6th gen with internal graphics.

I got this again today after creating a new workout.

happens everytime.

go to custom workouts.
Edit a workout or create a new one
click save then back
the background has the weird graphic bug
start the workout and the screen is fine again
end the work out and the bug returns.

Hi Chris, I followed your steps on my ipad to test it out and didn’t get this same issue, so just to say it may be related wither to Windows, or to your graphics driver?

yeah, it’ll definitely be a windows thing - maybe an internal graphics issue?