Jersey Unlocks - Timed

There was a time that a lot of us were jersey hunters and actively looked out these events. Some were at silly hours of the morning, but if it was a timed event you could log in, sit in the pen and gain the achievement without actually riding. Obviously for the big ones and distance based then I rode! But it helped to grab those unlocks! It seems however that it’s been noticed and removed….anyone else found that? Or is it just me? Or what is the minimal requirement to ‘partake’ in a ride and still unlock? I’m not skimping on Zwift, I put in a lot of k’s and working through ZA academy, ZA tri, tour of makuri AND a workout plan…but there are more unlocks that my ass does not want to sit another hour for :joy::joy:


Most of the unlocks I’ve received were advertised as requiring finishing the event, however there are are also unlock codes you can use any time. Have you gone shopping for those? Check out this page and look for kits that have a code. Despite the old age of this post, the codes all seem to work.

That was the first thing I did when I got Zwift :wink::joy: