Jersey Design for females

It would be nice to have a broader range of jersey designs, especially for us female athletes. What about some floral patterns in bright colours?

Like the Makuri Blossoms kit?


Regardless of who else that one is targeted at, it’s targeted at me. My absolutely favorite of the new kit.


Definitely a cool kit in game.

I wish a few select kits would actually make their way seasonally (or whatever) into the actual Zwift kit store on the Zwift website as limited runs.


I’d buy the Makuri kit. And the latest Pride kit, I’ve got that on in-game all the time, so good.

I see OP’s point though–there’s a lot of variations of color-block in the level kits, and the recent Tour of Etc kits are all of a theme–pastels in limited colors that aren’t ‘feminine’ in design. Overall, there’s some kit that’s definitely aimed at a traditional masculine sort of vibe, some that’s somewhat neutral, but little that’s traditionally feminine.

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Hi Tom
I like it but don‘t know how to get it

Level 72 unlock :key:

I‘m Level 30 …. It will take some time :wink:

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I was thinking about this again looking for a kit to wear for a series, and realized where some of my misguidance has come from is how there’s definitely been a shift towards many more colorful and unique kits, some of which are definitely more feminine… BUT… they’re basically all insanely high level ones.

So yeah, the pile is growing (one of these days we’ll be able to favorite kits so it doesn’t take 10 minutes to find what we want, I just know it), formerly, or perhaps more plainly; up until the past 3 or so months, yes, near all kits have been definitely more on the masculine side for sure.

But I think that’s starting to shift.