Jarvis ride #2


Foot Down, Jarvis on the left… great ride all

:white_check_mark: Bear in shot
:white_check_mark: Foot down

Double Secret Bonus points awarded!


Forgot to put my foot down. Thanks for a great ride.

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Hi all.

Sorryy to have missed you.

I was testing the “stupid” part of the new club feature by prepping for a ride at 6 PM PST.

Thanks for the social ride. Very nice event to get out of bed for. Be well and stay safe. :slightly_smiling_face:


Did I get the wrong bear?


Right. Note to self. Don’t get so cute with camera angles while your foot is down that the whole %&)*) double-draft goes by. :roll_eyes: “Literally” is misused a lot, but I was literally standing still.

On the positive (?) side, I got an FTP increase trying to catch back up.

Thanks Wes, I enjoyed it.

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