Club Jarvis Ride #3 Photos

Sorry is this is posted elsewhere. . .

Great ride all!

Wonder if anyone got him as he was falling out of the tree. :slight_smile:

Another great ride with Jarvis, i have Jarvis only at his bike , no points i guess :------)

Thanks for the ride!!



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Great riding with all my Jarvis Club members today for ride #3. Took a nature break and what do you know, I finally caught that Bear red handed. That is before he fell out of that tree and almost landed on me.

Just Keep Pedaling…


One with Jarvis on the bike… :bear: :bike: but he appears to be in front of me and behind me at the same time in this picture??

And one looking at his name on the tree… :evergreen_tree: :bear:

Here was Jarvis when I approached. Still on the ground till I got quite close. The benefit of having been dropped and on my own!!


Still up there on the second lap.

It was really great riding with the Jarvis Club Members for ride #3.
Limited options for screen capture on Apple TV (no drone view) so these are the best foot-down pics I took :slight_smile: Stay Safe and Ride-ON everyone :+1: