Jan 2022 update Huawei


Does anyone with a Huawei has this problem? The play store tells me that zwift is not compatible anymore with my phone since the january update. I have talked to zwift support but I have no clear answer on why this is happening to this date.

I mostly want to know if other persons with Huawei phones have the same problem. I use a Huawei P30 phone.


Does your device meet this criteria?

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My Huawei is even older, and Zwift still works. P10 lite, Android 8. The P30 can be upgraded up to Android 10, that should not be the issue.

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Hi @louis_caron

I’m Steven with Zwift tech support. Sorry to hear that your Huawei P30 Android is showing a “not compatible” message from the play store.

I found your support inquiry where you’d reached out to our team previously, and see that we haven’t helped you to resolve this issue yet. So, I’ve personally opened that back up and am reaching out to the team to get you some more help. Please check your email, as I’ll be sending you a follow-up reply shortly, and we’ll keep working with you on this.

Thanks for your continued patience and understanding.

Ride On.

I don’t know why but I am now able to download the update! Thanks for reaching out!

@louis_caron , that’s fantastic news! Thanks for letting us know.

Just out of curiosity, did you by chance clear the Google Play cache, as explained in this article? It was suggested by one of our senior techs that doing so might help.

Either way, no worries, and we’re happy to hear that you’re able to use Zwift on your Huawei P30 Android again.

Ride On.

I didn’t do anything in particular this time. But I’ll try it if it ever occurs again!

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