Cannot download on Huawei Mate 20 Pro?

Cannot update, and Google play said that this version cannot compatiable with your device…

Hi @Shining_Yao welcome to Zwift forums.
Is this a brand-new device, or have you been using it succesfully before today?

If you just acquired it, please see the Android FAQ thread.

Yes, have been using it successfully before the update several days ago…When the new update of Tour de France happened, my device no longer compatiable any more…
The phone has been released over a year now… not a new device…

Hi Shining,
Could you please list your device specs here? Maybe I missed in another thread.
Thank you,

Perhaps your updates have been blocked by google. US tension with Huawei annoys users. I think you should use an apk for your application, I used to use Cinema hd android apk at Techbigs and also had to use a VPN for copyright reasons to be able to use it.