It won't let me join group rides

(Michelle Grocock) #1

Love group rides. Now when I click on the upcoming events it either let’s me join but just spins the “processing” wheel for ever and never lets me in, or it doesn’t even let me join. I’ve also tried to completely reinstall Zwift but for some reason the install won’t work at all. I’m on an Apple Mac.

(Peter Short 7347) #2

When i join group work out on zwift academy i’m not getting the workout screen type thing come up in front of my rider like i would if i was doing an individual work out, not sure what i’m doing wrong. 


(Vincent W.) #3

Hey Michelle, from your ticket it looks like you’re able to get into Group Rides again, awesome! If this happens again please do not hesitate to send in another ticket. 

Peter, are you referring to the panel which shows your workout intervals? 

(Paolo Cecchini5714_ZHR(H)) #4

Looks the same issue as Peter, happened both yesterday and today, I join the Academy workout but I’m never transferred to. Frustrating because I postponed my usual training specifically to join the #5 and #6 workouts and nope.
May I add I didn’t opted in for Today’s Plan? Is that mandatory to play the Academy?
Ty. Paolo