Issues with Gran Fondo Training Plan

I started the Gran Fondo Training Plan today, by doing the “Welcome Workout” in the Makuri Islands. I encountered two issues.

The workout would not/could not control ERG mode without the Zwift Companion App paired.
I started the workout without the Zwift Companion App, just with my PC. The plan told me that it would turn ERG mode on my trainer and control the resistance. It did not. It was not until two training blocks in when I realized that I was having to adjust to keep the watts in the proper zone, and that overshooting the targeted watts was not being flagged by the watts display changing color. At that point I pulled out my phone and connected with the Zwift Companion App. I then had to toggle ERG mode on. The Zwift Companion App had properly recognized that ERG mode was not engaged. Once I did this, the workout plan had no issues controlling ERG mode.

The workout messages were truncated mid message.
Some of the longer messages were truncated mid message, leading to some confusion as to the meaning of the messages.

For example, one message read “You can always change your FTP between workouts if you find yourself gaining fitness more quickly than you expect, but a conservative estimate is always a better choice than an overly”. It is obvious that this is incomplete. (See also attachment) This was not a single message, rather about 1/3 to 1/2 the messages suffered from being truncated.

Request and Summary
This is not an issue with my machine, as all other parts of the game function properly, and have in the past on this same version.

This is the second training plan I’ve enrolled in and the second training plan to have textual prompt issues. It feels sloppy that the messages are truncated or, as previously shown, only flashed on the screen for a short time way before their intended time.

Please advise.

Setup Information

  • Tack Flux S
  • ANT+ connection to Windows PC
  • Windows 11 Home, version 22H2
  • Zwift version 1.33.3 (107565)
  • Intel(R) Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz
  • 16.0 GB RAM