Issues w/incorrect power readings

I mistakenly (laughing) started on a Schwinn IC4 spin bike when being introduced to Zwift 3 years ago. I kept wondering why my power was WAY above what it should be and didn’t know any better @ the time. Avg was 250w easy. As I learned more over 6 months, I then upgraded to a Tacx Neo 2T, which put me in my place real quick but was still giving me too much power! 6 months later, I upgraded again to my Wahoo Kickr Bike!!! And that’s even harder than the Tacx Neo 2T was, and actually harder than when I’m out cycling on the road!! I’m good with that!! 3 years later, I’m still seeing Zwift riders cycling on a constant @ 250w-350w through a 25+ mile ride(not pro riders). Does Zwift plan on fixing this power reading issue?

Waiting… :clock330:


I’m not sure there is an issue.

250-350w average through 25 miles is well within the grasp of many riders.

Probably covers Cat C through to Cat A riders.

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I think OP was looking at Women?

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I’m not sure there’s many/any amateur women with an ftp of 350w, so it is a problem.

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If the OP was talking specifically about females then potentially yes but it’s not clear from the post.

The post potentially implies that there’s an issue with power reporting on the devices she’s using too.

She’s talking anecdotally so it’s very hard to say the regularity of seeing these other riders. If she’s racing then yes she’s more likely to come across people with high power numbers.

I know this is a little off topic but are you able to use the power meter you use outside while riding inside on zwift? Then record both from your power meter and your kickr bike and see if there is a discrepancy.

Can you share an event ID for an event where you saw numbers you thought were suspicious?

Riders with very constant high power numbers are occasionally bots, riders using a speed sensor, or riders using dodgy spin bikes like you were doing previously. There are events (races) that have a hardware requirement to pair a power meter which gets rid of some sources of bad power reporting, though it doesn’t solve the problem completely. There’s a filter for that in the Companion app’s events tab.

If you see activity that you think is supicious, please follow the instructions on here and we’ll look into it: Reporting Another Zwifter

I don’t see that as common, looking on my Companion app or when I ride on Zwift. I believe a female pro cyclist can hold 250-350w, but they’re pro.

That clarifies that you are taking about riders then.

So no, holding that sort of power shouldn’t be commonplace but they might be in the position you were with inaccurate equipment. Its hard for Zwift to intervene in these matters in isolation.

I’m surprised you noticed a different between a Tacx Neo & a Kickr Bike. They are both very accurate and should offer similar power readings.

Neo often reads lower

That’s interesting given they both claim the same accuracy.
Are we talking negligible amounts or significant.

Asking for a friend who’s in need of extra Watts. :wink:

same plus or minus i guess could be 3 or 4% different if they are both accurate but one is over and one is under.

plus claimed accuracy is under perfect conditions which i guess isn’t the case for most units in real life.

@ Stuart. Not by much. I think the Kickr is definitely and unfortunately for me, more accurate LOL

Without any Dual Recording it’s really hard to compare Neo vs Kickr…by the fell you can be off by a mile.
Even HR it’s not a good metric to compare.