Kickr 2 power under reading 20-30%

i’m new to the Zwift environment and recently have purchased a wahoo Kickr 2.

my first rides were great fun, made passing the time on a trainer awesome.

however i have an issue with my power under reading badly on Zwift.

my Garmin 520 linked to the Kickr reads 200W but on screen Zwift (also linked to the Kickr) is displaying 160W.

i’ve been training with power for years now and i trust the figure on my Garmin. the amount of effort vs the power output feels correct.

Thus leading me to believe that Zwift is under reading.

the following is what i have tried to rectify the issue:

  1. Calibrate the Kickr on the Android App.

  2. calibrate the Wahoo to the Garmin (spin down type test)

  3. do a spin down test on Zwift platform

even after these 3x steps have been done i have massive discrepancies in the power reported.

this is rather upsetting as you feel “cheated” you are not getting realistic results in the Zwift environment.

the Kickr is connected via Ant+ dongle with an extension cable.

the Kickr is being controlled correctly via Zwift (resistance).

anyone have any advice??



Zwift reads what the trainer is putting out nothing more, Zwift does not adjust wattage.

Are you use 3 second average on Zwift and a different average on the Garmin?