Issue with oscillating power when connecting Garmin Edge

Hi there!

My setup with tacx flux 2, Garmin Forerunner 245 (for HR measurement) and Laptop for running zwift is running fine and Workouts where zwift sets the power are working fine.

I also want to get the power measurements into my Garmin.
My Forerunner can not collect power data, so I wanted to do it by collecting the edge 1040 to the smart trainer.

This is unusable, however, because it looks like the edge 1040 is trying to change the settings of the smart trainer as well. The result is some kind of oscillation on the power output which basically makes it impossible to get a decent workout. See picture below for details. The oscillations start, as soon as I turn on the edge.

I already tried to disconnect the smart trainer functionality in my edge but keeping the power reading of the smart trainer. This does not seem to work though, I still get the oscillations.

Any tips?


hi @Jakob_Karbaumer

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Are you using Bluetooth or ANT+

Don’t pair your trainer to the 1040 as a controllable trainer. Delete that connection and then reconnect it as a power meter so it will read the power output but not control the trainer.

The connection smart trainer <> Zwift is via Bluetooth. No ANT+ dongle or anything involved.

About Edge <> Smart Trainer I do not know. How do I find out?


But before that remove it from Indoor Trainer by going to Sensor folder on your Edge device.