Issue with non-drop splitting the group

Hi team

Have used the meetup-only view in a no drop ride and the riders have been severely split, 4-5 mins apart (making the riders on the group behind apart from dropped, move very very slowly). A few riders were even left alone. This is the second time and I am wondering if it’s a problem with the meetup only view? Everyone is pedalling, and moving, it’s just that the riders are split. Please review this. thanks

This may be a bug as others have reported this and other bugs (although many more have used it without problems).

The first thing anyone will tell you all to do is manually update all devices (companion app devices and zwift game devices, and may as well say firmware for trainers too). As it may be that older software is causing the split.

Also as you would know if someone stops pedalling for long enough they are meant to get dropped. But I’m sure that’s not what is happening.

Are you saying you have done no drop meet ups without “meetup only view” and there was no split?

Hi, yes, I’ve done no-drops meetups forever without this issue at all.

The recent introduction of meetup-only view (that hides other riders in the world), is the new functionality I have been using, since it launched last week. Wondering if that’s the issue?.

It’s a group with 20+ riders where everyone is pedalling, a whole bunch (randomly picked, its not the fastest, or slowest) just get split and start moving very slowly so they get farther and farther and unable to rejoin the group.

I agree this is a bug.


Is there any update on this? This keeps happening. See the screenshot of my meetup leaderboard how the group is just completely separate ! This is so annoying and completely defeats the purpose of a Non drop meetup image|690x359

Maybe your group was a trendsetter. It’s broken for everyone now since latest update. "Keep Together" broken in Meetups [v 1.0.50775]

Lol not the sort of trends we would like to be setting but glad it’s been recognized as an official bug FINALLY, it’s actually been going on for a while! Thanks for the link to the other thread