Issue with Creating Custom Workouts and Group Rides on Zwift Companion

Hello everyone,

I hope someone here can help me resolve an issue I’m experiencing with the Zwift Companion app. I recently created a CLUB on Zwift Companion and wanted to organize custom workouts and group rides for the members of my club.

The problem is that it seems impossible to create custom workouts, and I can only choose from a limited list of predefined templates. The same thing happens when I try to organize a group ride. For example, I wanted to set up a group ride for the “Colle D’Ordino” event, but this event doesn’t appear among the recommended templates.

I’m wondering if any of you have ever encountered this issue or have information on how to address it. I noticed that my level on Zwift is 12, so I’m wondering if this might be affecting my ability to create custom workouts or find specific events like “Colle D’Ordino.”

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could share their experience or provide some tips on how to handle this situation.

Thanks in advance for your help!

What you want to do is not supported by the Clubs feature. It’s not related to your level, the feature simply hasn’t been developed much.

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Have a look at this thread for what you can do (although you can’t do exactly what I think you want to) in regards group workouts. In particular the video from GPLama within one of the posts is informative.

Regarding Climb Portal for group/club/events - not at the moment. This is from their FAQ.

Q: Will event organizers be able to use the climb portals?

A: At launch, events will not take place within the Climb Portal. The only way to take part is to join from the homescreen or turn into the portal from the route you join.

So possibly in the future?

I don’t understand why Zwift does not integrate that feature. I can plan a club group ride only with few workout. I think this is crazy… we pay 15€ per month

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For some reason, the Clubs feature has seemingly gone from low priority to basically dead in the water. It’s perplexing since the social side, getting clubs to use Zwift, is a place where Zwift may set themselves apart from their competitors. But that’s apparently not what they want to focus on.

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And on what they are focusing?

Generally speaking; that’s not something the public knows.

What we can however do is look at what they’ve done all year; which seems like a total upgrade and a massive rewrite of the code; with the dropping of older mobile devices in the assumption to allow for higher companion app capabilities. Along with as mentioned, as far as we are aware, a massive rewrite of code in a more native format for Apple / Macintosh.
Play itself seems to have taken a chunk of dev time this year as well.

There’s always something going on.

Clubs are definitely at the very bottom of the list.
It’s probably more difficult to come up with a way to make something that makes sense and can be used by a normal person, that is making Clubs slower to develop for than anything else (not to mention integrations; so things like being able to share unique workout files into clubs is probably a stumbling block)
If someone wants to do a workout with someone, it’s very easy to send them the ZWO file; I guess I fail to see the need to see one other rider being rubberbanded to you doing a workout.

I would think being 2023 I could create a group / club ride and we each could do our own structured workout. We would stay together in the virtual world by the ‘rubber band’ around us.

I literally can do the workout as if I were outside on the road and my Garmin tells me the interval and watts. The rubber band keeps me with the group. Just need to shift to get the power needed. Def not as precise as using a smart trainer.

So what can’t I do this workout virtually and be rubberbanded with the group?

This would allow the group to do any workout they wanted while being virtually next to one another on screen.

C’mon zwift. Stop creating worlds hardly anyone rides and create features a lot of us would use, especially in the off season.