How to create a group workout with custom workout

Hi. I’ve created my club on zwift and i want to group workout with custom workout event. But in android device i’m not able to do that becouse i can select only sugested workout. Which is not satysfing me. Then I’ve check www and there is an option under events that i called “manage my events” but when i click on it zwift point to this page: www-zwift-com-eu-events-promotor and i assume that when i select club i would be able to creat club event from here. But i can’t select any club. Dropdown menu is empyty and i can’t go any futher. How to fix that.

I can edit events creted in companion app when i share an event link. But then i cannot change selected workout.

Anyone with the same problem?

Yep, I noticed the same issues. Would be nice to add own workouts or at least to be able to use whole workout library of Zwift.

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I have the same problem, i cant seem to figure out how to create an event with my own custom workout, is this possible? I just want to do my own interval workout with some friends.

no it is not.

create a meetup and select a workout while waiting for the meetup to start.

Hi Gerrie,
What is the road map for allowing us to add custom workouts to club events? The indoor season for 23/24 is already upon us and this has been an issue for a year already.

There is a massive catalogue of workouts already on Zwift that many of us follow so getting access would allow us to share that with our clubs.

The Meetups option you offered is impractical for any club with more than a handful of members. To add people to a meet up they need to follow me as well as the club. That means I can’t add people who are new to Zwift. My real-world club has almost 500 members it would be great to send a single link out so they can just join Zwift club events as they like. That would save me the faff of adding everyone manually for each ride and they would be secure in the knowledge they didn’t miss an event or got the wrong time.


Nothing has been shared about that. The last major clubs feature that they did talk about developing was never released. Clubs are mostly useless with the current feature set.

Hi @Lucas_Black

Zwift don’t share roadmaps. (probably Zoon)

I am also looking forward to this.

Zwift doesn’t communicate anything about such matters. Clubs are dead, or at least we have to assume that. Unfortunately.

That’s not totally true anymore as they’ve been doing their “This Season on Zwift” road maps for the past couple of years. Definitely not all-encompassing but no mention of anything regarding clubs.

I guess now is the time, and here is the place to ask for Zwift to show Clubs some love.

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That is only very high level.

I agree, we should be able to select any workout from our workouts folder. Perhaps the problem is that you set up the club event from Companion, which doesn’t have access to the workout folder. If Zwift could develop a way to schedule a club event from the Zwift home screen perhaps. Anything…the workout choices right now are pretty useless (a series of ramp FTP tests?)…