How to create a group workout with custom workout

Hi. I’ve created my club on zwift and i want to group workout with custom workout event. But in android device i’m not able to do that becouse i can select only sugested workout. Which is not satysfing me. Then I’ve check www and there is an option under events that i called “manage my events” but when i click on it zwift point to this page: www-zwift-com-eu-events-promotor and i assume that when i select club i would be able to creat club event from here. But i can’t select any club. Dropdown menu is empyty and i can’t go any futher. How to fix that.

I can edit events creted in companion app when i share an event link. But then i cannot change selected workout.

Anyone with the same problem?

Yep, I noticed the same issues. Would be nice to add own workouts or at least to be able to use whole workout library of Zwift.

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I have the same problem, i cant seem to figure out how to create an event with my own custom workout, is this possible? I just want to do my own interval workout with some friends.

no it is not.

create a meetup and select a workout while waiting for the meetup to start.