Club function update

Hello, two qustions:

  1. does anyone know, if or when Zwift will extend the Club -Functions?
  2. or/and who can tell ne, how I can create a real Zwift - Club like TTT, ZRL, Kirchmair, SZR…

Thanks for information. Marcus

Hi, you can create a club for whatever you need.

What new functions are you looking for?

Thanks for answering. We already run a Club. We want to use our own Workouts. Not just that few you can use in the Club -Events. And in the best case own Routes. It’s getting boaring using the same 60 - 90 minutes Workouts every month.

Club events are still extremely limited. They just haven’t invested in making it useful yet. Currently clubs can’t do what you want.

Exaktly. The Support gave me 16 of my custom workout in 16 of my Club -Events. I’m very grateful. But you can’t do that every time. We do 90 Minutes Clubtraining twice a week. So in 8 weeks I have the same boaring Problem again. But it’s better than nothing.

The staff that were overseeing Club functions largely got fired last winter. Given how most companies work when they ‘lean up’, no one has been handed those duties. (At least no one who wasn’t already completely busy with their existing duties.)

Not sure if fired means differently in your parts but if you mean they were sacked then no they weren’t.
Redeployed & redundancies is more accurate.

remember there is the workout hack for meetups too, you don’t need to use the club events group workout library only.

either way they left zwift and since then clubs seems ot have come to a complete standstill. It’s crying out for a few upgrades to make things usable hopefully zwift have found some time to look at it.

I mean, there were people who were working for Zwift, assigned to Clubs, who in one eventful day were no longer working for Zwift, and did not quit. If you want to call that something other than being fired, that’s fine. ‘Let go’, ‘laid off’, ‘made redundant’, etc. :slight_smile: