Clubs Workouts

How hard would it be to open up more workouts for clubs to use? I’ve worked hard to build our club up to 150+ members (only a small, local club) and now it’s peak northern hemisphere Zwift season we’ve nothing much to offer. We’re really wanting to get some regular group workouts rolling. I’m sure other club organisers are in the same situation.

I do agree on this. So frustrating when you know how many workouts there are but within the club I can only select a few of them.

Using a meetup works, but all riders need to add the workout manually once they have joined the meetup (which you don´t need in a club event).

One of the purposes of having a club, shouldn´t that be to enable you to arrange your own training sessions in your club in a far better way than it is today?

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I would add, enable custom workouts.

Would make club-workouts so much better and effective. Tailor the workout to the participants of your club training.

You must know that clubs are more or less dead. There is no development since months, not any communication about the current status. It’s been over a year now. Unfortunately.

That’s sad to hear :disappointed: