Issue: tyre slippage

Hi all, over the last few days, I keep getting a warning sign Saying “ detected tyre slippage” does anyone know how to fix this?

Hi @Robert_Mooney

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What trainer and tire are you using.

Hi, I’m using trac trainer but not sure what type, I’ve been using the same for over a year but only this week the issue has arised

when did you last pump the tyres up? if you calibrate it on the tacx app does it tell you to tighten the resistance unit?

I pumped them up this morning as I thought it might fix the issue

when cycling do you feel the tyre slipping?

No, it feels perfectly fine to be honest

Love the issue title :rofl: Can someone perhaps update it to something a little more useful? :smiley:

Like what🤷🏼‍♂️

You should do a calibration anytime you pump your tyres or release the pressure of the trainer roller from the tyre, this is according to the trainer manual.

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Like what?

I see you’ve changed it now :grin::+1:

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An admin must of changed it :joy::joy: