Is w/kg rating tied to my profile weight?

I did my first ride before I know I could put my weight into my profile (so it was 0lbs for that first ride). But I noticed on the ride, everyone’s name had their current w/kg as they rode. my first thought was, hey they need to know my weight for this. So just thought I would ask, if the w/kg rating on screen is based on my profile weight, or if it is based on something else?

Up until recently all riders had a weight of 75kg. Based on my ride last night, the first with my actual weight entered into my profile, it looks like Zwift is using the weight from your profile if it exists. If not, you get defaulted to 75kg.

Noel is correct! It is set to a default of 75kg and was not adjustable until just recently via your profile page.

Is the virtual/in game speed based on the profile weight now, as well? If so, yay…the virtual me has been weighed down with an extra 8kg…

How do you get to the page to set your weight?
I also saw some riders with new flags, but I cant find the setting anywhere


go to
then click the “edit profile” button

Thanks, I was looking for it in the game. Great - now I am at my actual weight… hello grupetto on the mountain!

is the weight in our profile in kilos or pounds?