Is Support login broken?


I wanted to respond to a support ticket, so went to I logged in, but the site doesn’t seem to recognise it (it just tells me to log in again). So I can’t check the status of any of my tickets, etc. recognises me as logged in just fine.

Yeah, the support site is broken. I had several tickets at spring, they changed the support system in the summer and now I cannot access them.

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My communications with support has been through email. With my most recent communication about a ride not counting toward the wahoo climbing challenge, they took 3 days to respond.

I got an email response, and that was OK.

But I also wanted to chase up one of my older tickets. Why have the Login feature on the Support site if we can’t actually log in to check the status of our tickets? It certainly feels like a backwards step. This “Kustomer” system might be better from an internal perspective, but as an actual customer the experience is significantly worse.