Is it a zwift bug or another dying kickr

Hi guys
Today while doing the CLS group ride my kickr V5 stopped responding to gradient changes after about 45km. Up until that point all seemed well but then it didn’t matter if I was going 50rpm in the same gear on the flat or a 6% gradient the feel and displayed wattage was the same. That’s not to say the wattage was frozen…. It reacted to pedal input but not gradient if that makes sense.

Things of note , about 10 mins into the ride the companion on my iPad Pro went off the map screen back the home page (turned off Wi-Fi and rebooted companion to resolve) and about 20 mins or so before the kickr had a fit everybody disappeared off screen for 5 secs ( no connection warning) and the companion showed all the other riders

It was 25° degrees in the hurt hut with the flywheel rather warmer after an hour of riding.

Kickr v5 with current FW and direct connect
Apple TV 4K ( fully up to date)
Zwift is on current version

Anyone else with kickr’s losing resistance on current zwift level?

It may be worth trying another app with your iPad and Kickr - whether it be Systm or Rouvy, something with a free trial, to see whether you’re getting similarly weird results on other apps as well.

My Direto XR is often operating in 25+ degrees C, and doesn’t really get affected by heat in the ranges I use it in.

I’d like to think heat isn’t the issue, I’ve used it for much more intense training sessions in far higher ambient temps before now.

When this happened I was left with pretty much just the weight of the flywheel generating the resistance

I bailed on a real life race today as I wasn’t feeling it, so I’ll give zwift another try later on as a leg spin session.

Everything has been unplugged over night, so all connections will be fresh.

If it doesn’t work in Zwift, test it with a ride using the Wahoo Fitness app next, and if that fails contact Wahoo support.

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Wahoo support has improved markedly over the last 4 months and I expect that you will receive a prompt response if you contact them.

sounds like a hardware problem. i’m on a v5 and even with baseline resistance, powered on, and not connected to any apps (recording power from a garmin) you should be able to put 1500w+ through it, gear ratio permitting. hopefully it’s a simple fix like the power cable got dislodged or something

Sounds like a software communication instability between Zwift, Apple and Kickr - obviously, the connectivity to Zwift has been broken, since other rides vanished for some time. Maybe, the power control has been effected, too.

If you really need to know what happened, ask Zwift support for analysis of your activity from server side.

I don’t think Zwift support can see that much from the files when it’s done on Apple TV.

As a test today though after everything had been powered off and unplugged over night, I did a pacer ride and all seemed ok on the 1 or 2 % rises ( picked a flat route :man_facepalming:t2:) for 30 mins, I then did a ftp ramp test which worked ok :hot_face: with the cool-down done on slope mode.

I’ll see what happens on tomorrows race ride.

Thanks for the replies guys

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