IRL-ify lap counter behavior [SOLVED]

In IRL races, the lap counter displays the number of whole laps remaining at the finish line (blah blah lapped riders blah blah). On Zwift, it seems to display ceil(distance-remaining/lap-length), ie it changes to the number an IRL counter would show only when you cross the finish line. In reality there is a small delay and the counter is pretty soon after the finish line, meaning that the time you have to see the correct number is less than a second. Keeping the number the same (again, the number of whole laps remaining at the finish line) for the whole time the counter is visible would make more sense.

In addition to race participants, this seems to occasionally confuse even race commentators as well.

In Crit City you mean? The lap counter works for lap-based events. The counter is intentionally disabled for distance-based events. It depends on how the event was set up.

@shooj: I think what @Anna_Ronkainen is saying is that the lap counter (in lap-based events) doesn’t actually change until AFTER you go through the start/finish banner. And because the counter is so close to the start/finish banner the time the rider actually has to see the number of laps remaining is VERY short. So, it would be good to have the counter change a bit earlier, or to position the counter a bit farther away from the S/F banner.

Personally, because of this issue, I have given up on even trying to see the lap counter and I just look at what the HUD shows.


Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the DJ Nigel remix.

I can bubble that up to our designers.


A simple approach is to set up a “switch lap counter” position on the course and the lap counter switches when the lead riders reach that position, for example 300 meters before the finish. Nearly-lapped riders will just need to deal with the potential confusion.

How about a Zwift MC? There are already some crowd noises and cheering, what about (in addition to the updated lap counter ideas mentioned above) an announcer tells you how many laps to go, could be fun to have an excited voice scream “one lap to go!!” as you pass through the banner in Crit City heading into the final lap. Could even have 1k to go, 200 meters, etc… And for those who don’t like it, a toggle on/off option in the settings menu.


Yeah, exactly what I meant. Now you first see the wrong number (laps remaining + 1) for a couple of seconds and then the correct number for just a fraction of a second.

This concerns Crit City as well as the Volcano (the Volcano counter is extra confusing for Seaside Sprint events due to its mid-lap position and should probably just be disabled if it isn’t already). I guess those are the only lap counters on Zwift.

The Crity City lap board was re-located so it’s 1) further from the start / finish line and 2) the barrier moved so there’s less visual clutter in front of the lap board.

It is implemented in versions 1.0.54679/1.0.54659 (the number depends on which OS platform you’re using) that will drop across all platforms by end of this week.


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