IPhone SE pairing issue

Just setting up zwift on my iphone se (ios 13.3.1) as a back up, i’m pairing a wahoo speed and cadence sensor and both are showing as ‘paired’, but when i start a session and begin to pedal, i don’t move and no information is showing for speed and cadence but i’m still showing as paired for both sensors

Any help on this issue please

Hi David , Welcome to the forum.

I assume you have an active Zwift account.

Try to un-pair both and start over, but keep pedaling. Check that you see speed and cadence numbers in the paring screen.

Some sensors goes to sleep and don’t wake up after stopping between pairing and riding.

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Hello @David_Hatfield
Shuji at ZwiftHQ here. Looking at your server logs from the two most recent rides. What I’m seeing is that your Wahoo Speed sensor is connected as the cadence device, and the cadence sensor is paired as the speed device.

What’s puzzling is this is the also case for your previous ride on the Windows machine where you rode Greater London Flat course and things there appear to have worked out ok otherwise.

These are Wahoo’s little oval sensors that attach to your crankarm and rear hub respectively, correct? First: when’s the last time you put fresh batteries in them? If you don’t remember, let’s eliminate a tired battery as a cause.

Second: Would you check if Wahoo has updated firmware for these sensors? Instructions at the bottom of their support page.

Lastly - please go through the pairing screen again and be careful to re-bond the correct sensors.

If you have any issues, would you mind screenshotting these steps and letting us see what you’re seeing?