iPhone Mobile App - buttons unresponsive

(Matt Babidge) #1

Hi there

I have foundthe iphone Mobile app buttons dont work for me - ie the new uturn button, stop button and the buttons on the other screen re ride on/ wave/ elbow flick.

The app appears to load ok and is active/response, and is showing the other data screens ok, ie ride data (power, speed, cadence) and rider list screen 


I note in another similar post, that the Uturn button need to be pressed and help for a new seconds to activate. Is this correct? i have been tapping the buttons once consistent with UX on other apps. I’ll try the press and hold, but would appreciate any other advice!

(Scott) #2

Both the Stop and U-turn buttons are “press and hold” to prevent inadvertent selections. You’ll notice a bar fills in from left to right as you hold them until they take effect. All other buttons are single tap.

If you continue to experience issues, please submit a support ticket and we’ll see what we can do. Thanks.

(Matt Babidge) #3

got it thanks Scott…will try that!