iPhone Health App cannot see Companion App

Hi all,

I’m new to Zwift and have only done a few rides – I’m not having trouble connecting my Heart Rate monitor (Apple Watch Series 3) to my Zwift Companion App (using an iPhone SE 2020).

My Apple Watch is updated to 7.2 and my iPhone is updated to 14.3 (both the most recent updates).

As I understand it, when I download and first open the Companion App on my phone, it should prompt me to all permissions to the Health App – it does not do this (I have deleted and reinstalled the app 3 times). It does prompt me to allow notifications, but that is all.

My Health App does “see” my regular Zwift App, and I’ve allowed all permissions there.

Any idea why my Companion App and Health App are not communicating as intended? Can I use the regular Zwift App to monitor BPM?


Ritchie, in iPhone Settings, go to Health and then go to “Data Access & Devices. Do you see Companion there? Mine looks like this:

Is access granted?

This is what I see when I go to Health, then to “Data Access & Devices”, then to Companion:

Consider removing both Zwift and Companion apps from your phone. Then reboot your phone. Install companion first and start it. See if permissions pops up. It definitely should, but reboot first.

I removed both apps, hard reset my iPhone, and reinstalled only the Zwift Companion app (and cycled through the intro to the home page, I was never prompted to allow health permissions). This is what my Health Devices and Apps now shows:

Not sure why Zwift is showing on your list. If that is uninstalled, it shouldn’t be listed there. Perhaps they made a change in their recent update. They don’t have the best record in terms of testing their releases. I’d give support a ring or email.

Is Companion listed in the Uninstalled Apps section?

Agree, very weird Zwift is listed when it is not installed. And no, Companion is not listed in there uninstalled section (only app listed in Garmin).