Companion App Inactive in Apple Health

I recently had to reload my OS on Apple Xs Phone. Prior to the restart, I had Companion App link to Apple Health to write that data it would. After the reinstallation, the Companion App is listed as “Inactive” and I am unable to activate. I never got the prompt to share data with Health AND I am not able to select what data to share between apps. The first two images are showing in Health Data Sources that under Workout (just Health Category I choose), you can’t control the settings and its listed as Inactive. Third and Fourth screen shot are in Settings > Privacy > Health and within Companion.

Here is my set-up…
Wahoo Kickr + Climb (connected via Companion App)
Wahoo Heartrate Monitor (connected via Companion App)
Bontrager DuoTrap for Cadence (Connected via Companion App)
AppleTV connected to TV
Companion App

What am I doing wrong that I cannot reconnect the key data points to Apple Health?

Same problem, same questions.

Lotta threads here about problems if you use Apple Watch vs chest strap syncing, etc.

I don’t have an Apple Watch, and I run Zwift on a PC. But I have the Zwift Companion app on my iPhone - the companion app should forward ride data in Apple Health, and it doesn’t - not even basic info like miles. Nothing. Is it supposed to work? If not, is it on the roadmap for a specific date?

Folks also blaming Strava. It shouldn’t be Strava’s job to forward Zwift workouts to Apple Health, it should be Zwifts job.

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The challenge and the recent complaints, as that was my workaround too, was Strava would at least publish the data. Now that that method has been removed, many of us our pest scrabbling on options.

I agree. I think Zwift should publish right to AppleHealth, like they so Strava, TrainingPerks, Fitbit, etc.

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