iPad with nord

Hello, I have a Nohrd bike with an iPad 2017 in version 15.7 Bluetooth 4.2 and it doesn’t work. Could you help me please.
Could you tell me witch iPad woks with Zwift
Your tables do not seem to be update

Has the Nohrd bike been paired with any other app before trying Zwift? If so, it might be that other app (either on the same iPad or another device nearby) still holds the Bluetooth connection and prevents Zwift from seeing the Nohrd.

Thank you for your reply. Indeed nohrd is installed on my tablet. I can see Zwift on my tablet but the runner won’t start. With my iPhone it works fine.
My tablet is in version 15.7 and Bluetooth in 4.2

I have done what you said. It still doesn’t work

Have you tried swiping-up the Nohrd app to make sure it quits completely, and to be safe then turning bluetooth off then on again, then launch Zwift and tap on the pairing screen icon while pedallng?

Thank you again for your help. I did what you suggested by deleting the Nohrd app and restarting Zwift. But without success. The application starts but the parity does not occur and the runner does not start. The Nohrd and Zwift app works fine with my iPhone 12 but not with my iPad version 15.7 and bluetooth 4.2. This is strange compared to the indications that Waterrower gives in his prerequisites.

One last idea, try turning Bluetooth off on your iPhone and then see if the tablet works.