iPad pro 2015 vs. 2017

Hi Zwifters,

is there anyone who saw Zwift running on both iPad Pro models (2015 and 2017 (2.gen))?

I want to buy one of these and try to figure out if the extra money that has to be spent for the 2017 model will give me really a benefit when using Zwift. For the other apps that I use I certainly don’t need this extra power of the 2. gen model.

I have both.  When I swapped to the 10.5(2017) model I only noticed that it looked a little like the original resolution 9.7 Zwift had been stretched to fit the 10.5 and that the slight increase in screen size most was nice.  

I use the iPad in a stand for Zwift and love it.  Super simple to set up and go.  Not sure what the price difference is now but at times you can tell it’s a faster machine and the screen refresh is faster/smoother…  Zwift works great on either and at present they look about the same to me.  It’s possible that in the future the 2015 might not keep up as well as the app gets updated but that’s probably years away.  iPads seem to last years and years so if the price is not too much different I might opt for the latest and get an extra year of use down the road.


Also went from 9.7 to 10.5. I just wanted a little more screen basically. The 9.7 was great, but I just felt I wanted a bit more. Actually nearly bought the 12.9 instead of the 10.5 as you can get strong deals on it now, but the general consensus is it’s a bit of a dud for most apps as they’re all stretched out. Would have loved that 12.9 screen though!


Anyway, 10.5 doesn’t sound like much more compared to the 9.7, but it is a pretty significant difference. Feels much more expansive. The Zwift experience is a nicer on it to be honest.


That said, for for the money, the 9.7 can be had at a good price and runs Zwift flawlessly. It’s not slow or anything for sure. Also the new iPad pros will come out with wireless charging and the new Apple mat so you can stick on a whole bunch of stuff on it instead of having 3 leads sticking out of an extension plug!

May be worth considering getting a cheap, scratched up 9.7 on eBay, waiting for the new wireless one (no clue when though, maybe next years refresh in spring?) then selling the 9.7 again. Shouldn’t really lose any coin on the 9.7 that way, value will be more or less the same now as in 6 months on a used one. Maybe you can even buy low/sell high if lucky.

Thanks for your opinions.

As the difference for a 12.9" model is about 140 Euro between the 2015 and the 2017 version I decided to  take the latest model.

As you already described it fits more to the ongoing development of applications and their need for performance.

Some benchmarks are showing that the performance of the 2017 model is significantly better, especially regarding the demanding tasks for games and graphics.

Hope you enjoy it!