Ipad mirroring via ATV 2 to tv problem (screen sharing)

I have with great succes use screen sharing from iPad Pro via ATV 2 to my bigass TV. No problem just pure fun. Suddenly from one day to another the picture i vertical on the TV but on the iPad i horisontal as it supposed to be.

Same problem appears when useing an iPhone. Any thoughts or solutions would be recived with smile, joy and a 100000 thanks.


Also experiencing the same issue, started late last week (Friday Apr 5th was the first day I had the issue - it was working fine on Tues April 2nd, didn’t ride Wed/Thurs)

iPad Pro to Apple TV via AirPlay. No other apps shared over Airplay are exhibiting the problem.

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I have a similar problem using my iPhone 6 with a lightning to hdmi adapter, but my image is also reversed on the tv screen. So it’s not only portrait on the tv, but the text is backwards. Same issue on multiple TVs and it started on about the same day.