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Am I the only one that can’t open the dmg file that Zwift downloads to my ipad?  I’ve never had an issue installing software, what gives?  What am I missing?  Seems like everything should be available through the app but apparently the app is just a stats logger?  I would really like to use your program but I need to be able to download and install it first!

Hi Greg.  DMG files are for Apple computers running OSX, not IOS devices.  Zwift is a 3d program that runs on a laptop or desktop computer.

There is also an app in the app store called “Zwift Mobile Link” which lets you connect to the main Zwift application running on your computer if you wish.

Hi Jon,

With the recent iPad Pro release - is there thoughts that the actual game could run on iOS at some point soon?


can I set up an install and run zwift on my ipad only without a laptop or computer


Yes, you can find the Zwift app in the App Store. Make sure you download the Zwift app and not the Zwift Mobile Link. The ZML is a companion app that can be installed on a phone to chat, control turns and other functions.


I’m not an expert at all with this ipad, but I think it is an IOS devise. Above, Jon Mayfields’s response seems to say that I can not run the zwift app on my iPad, that the app is only for a computer


That is a very old post, they released the iOS version of Zwift about this time last year (well after that post). Just go to the App Store and download the Zwift App.

I have used it many times on my iPad Mini 2 and my iPhone 6 and 7.

They are also beta testing AppleTV at the moment.

What kind of trainer/devices are you planning on using? 

I have a wahoo kickr



So, no need for any computer in addition to the iPad for downloading the app, creating an account, syncing with strava and trainingpeaks, and running the game?

Also in a failed attempt to run my iPad on my wife’s zwift account, I tried to create a second user on her account, and now zwift seems to think my e-mail is unrecognizable or incompatible.  Do you think I’ll be able to use my e-mail when I sign up for a second account ( that is in addition to my wife’s account) on my iPad?

Also, at what point in the set up do I pay or agree to pay the $10. per month?


thanks Paul




Ok, the Kickr broadcast in both ANT+ and Bluetooth so it should connect to the iPad without any issues.

No need for a computer to run Zwift on the iPad and you will be able to upload all your rides the same as if you were using a PC and you can also connect your phone to it if it has the Zwift Mobile Link installed to add to the experience (there are some issue with the ZML right now, but they should have it worked out soon).

I would suggest creating a new account with a different email. Yes you can share the account, but only one of you would be able to ride at a time.

It’s not $10 any more, as of today they bumped it to $14.99 for new users (current users will have the $10 locked in for the next year). You will begin paying after the free trial is over.

Thanks PAUL, lots of good information.

I’d like to make sure about using my e-mail.

My wife has an account under her e-mail address.

Are you are saying I should start my own account on my iPad with my e-mail address, (which is different from my wife’s)?

That makes sense and I hope it works!

Bummer about the $14.99 though


thanks again Paul



You can use her account on the iPad, but only one of you would be able to ride at a time. Also, it would upload the rides to her Strava/TrainingPeaks account.

If you can afford the $14.99 I would create another account.

Thanks Paul, I’ll be setting up the second account