Zwift Mobile App

I am not able to find the Zwift mobile link on the app store for IOS. Is there somewhere else i need to find the mobile app?

I think Zwift said they were waiting for Apple to approve it. I’m skeptical as this was weeks ago and no app.

Remember you are using beta software; I doubt apple will allow them to put beta products in the app store.

Well if you’re Zwift you don’t call it Beta… :sunglasses:

where can we download it from?

i tried downloading it on my ipad [no luck] could not find the app. But could download it on a smart phone.


What model of iPad are you trying to download it on, some of the older ones are not supported.

Current support iOS devices:

| DEVICES | iPad Air or higher, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 or higher, or iPod 6 |

Here is the link:

Thanks for the reply Paul, I am sorted now, got the mobile link app on my phone.