where is the iphone app?

(David Kindler) #1

i read someone talking about the iPhone app working flawlessly. I can’t even find it in the app store… someone at ZWIFT should put together a guide with some basic information like a “getting started” guide.

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #2

The iPhone app is currently in beta and you have to have an invite to that as well as the Zwift beta. Also, I think I just read something a couple of days ago about them running out of licenses and not being able to hand out more beta copies at the moment. I think it’s either been submitted or will soon be submitted to iTunes though.

(Scott) #3

Noel has it correct. The "What’s new on Zwift Island (1/10) message that went out (check your SPAM?) explains where we’re at with the Zwift Mobile Link app. We’ve maxed out the 1K TestFlight beta licenses and submitting it to the iTunes store soon after one last functional revision.