Mobile App

How can I get the mobile app?

If you’re looking for the Android version of the app, it’s publicly available on the Google Play Store for download.

In regards to the iOS version, we don’t have any TestFlight invitations left, but we’re only waiting on Apple approval before we can make the Zwift Mobile Link app available to the public, so you will be able to access it soon.

will all current testers get an invite? or is there a list to sign up on?

Hi , 
any news on the app ? Every times i press the space bar for power ups , i ruin my track pad with sweat :slight_smile: cant wait for a remote control! 


I am interested as well…feels like I am missing something without it :slight_smile:  My computer is across the room so it can be paired to my big screen!


is there any restriction in the mobile app license that would restrict use on a company mobile. try to get this app on my work phone and this is something the team that controls these things have asked