Is there an iPhone / iPad version in the works?

(Mark Hewitt) #1

I have what I need for Zwift, including a compatible smart trainer, bluetooth cadence and heart rate sensors etc but what I don’t have is a PC capable of running it.

On the FAQ on the site it’s indicated that there is an iOS version in the works? Is this still the case (and I don’t mean the connect app), so I could use my iPhone or iPad to play Swift without having to connect it to a PC?

(Ben Crone) #2

There’s an iOS app which compliments zwift but i doubt there’ll be a full iOS version any time soon (I’m sure Zwift will confirm either way).

Also you need ANT+ devices, not Bluetooth.

(Mark Hewitt) #3

My sensors are dual band BTLE and ANT+ so no problem there. 


Of course iPad/iPhone only works with BT. 

I just ask because the FAQ on the website says there is an iOS version in the works. 

(Jason K) #4

From what I understand, iOS is something we’d like to do, but it’s not a sure thing or on the immediate roadmap.

With Zwift being as graphically demanding as it is, porting it would be a lot of work (and we’re a small studio), so we’re going to be focusing on other basic features for the game first.

(Mark Hewitt) #5

Thanks Jason, that makes a lot of sense.


May I suggest removing the line from the FAQ saying you’re releasing a version in Fall 2015? :slight_smile:



(Mark Hewitt) #6

I see the FAQ has been updated to say an iOS version is coming in Summer 2016. 


Does this mean it’s being worked on?

(Jacob Fuller) #7

I’m wondering if this is any further down then process line

(Francis Martin) #8

Any update on this? If there is a beta version i’m welling to ride on it :slight_smile:

(J Johnny) #9

Count me in for beta testing as well!  Please make it viable as a “landscape” mode for iOS

(J Johnny) #10

Any updates on this? Thanks

(Matt Law) #11

Whilst I’ve not participated in this thread, I have been checking back once a month to see if there’s any progress.

Looking at the specs of the A9X processor, I can honestly see no good technical reason why an IOS specific implementation couldn’t be released.

I really hope for an iOS specific version as I really do not want to have to upgrade my 7yo iMac just for one app for my winter training.

(Architect Ninja (S/B/R)) #12

I would love to be able to connect my iPhone or iPad and not have to lug my MacPro to my Pain Cave.  Is it unreasonable to get a response on an update.  Even if it had the metrics w/o the graphics an IOS version would be helpful and get more users online more often $$$$$$.

(J Johnny) #13

Another scenario: I am on vacation and I brought my bike along. A few rainy days, I got a trainer along with me, but I didn’t want to bring PC, cables, etc. so an iPhone app would be ideal!  I’ll be out of town for a while, so instead I am pausing my subscription.

(Chris F) #14

I’m on the IOS train as well.  I already have a tablet mount for my bike as I came from using the tacx app to zwift.  Being able to run zwift on my iPad while still able to use the tv for media consumption or even  ipad+trainer on vacation would be a huge value add for me.  It’d also be helpful convincing my wife to ride with me as she cares zero about zwift but will join in if I turn on tv/movies/etc.

(Matt Law) #15

Looks like they’ve just made a big announcement, a 64-bit only iOS implementation is going into beta shortly. 

Bit rude not to interact with the community who’ve been asking for this for for over a year.

(J Johnny) #16

Indeed Matt, I was hoping for some feedback or some discussion on this

(Paul Allen) #17


They posted it on Facebook and even have a nice video about it.

(Mark Hewitt) #18

Zwift don’t tend to post that sort of thing here they rely on the likes of the Zwift Riders Facebook group

(J Johnny) #19

Personally I think they should also inform users here. I avoid Facebook at all costs and IMO, it’s a bummer that all the discussion about updates, etc happens there. I understand it is obviously a personal choice, but it is one platform I just don’t use.

(James Gill | TitaniumGeek) #20

Zwift iOS is coming, I’ve just put up an indepth look at a pre-beta version of the app here: